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New Year’s Eve: Prom Girl and Black Velvet Dress

Last May while I was dropping off decorative pillowcases at the dry cleaner I was struck by all the prom dresses that were hanging, cleaned and draped in plastic waiting to be picked up.  I wondered about the young girls, who they were, what they wore, what their night was like, was it everything they… Continue reading New Year’s Eve: Prom Girl and Black Velvet Dress

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Black Sequin Dress

I just finished cleaning my closet, and I have a black sequin dress on the brain. It sits on the top shelf of my closet. She only wore it once, and I’ve never worn it, but I can’t part with it. The black sequin dress is a full length, sleeveless sheath dress with thin straps.… Continue reading Black Sequin Dress

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The Hurricane Bench and a Moment of Heartache

My garage was torn down today as a result of a huge tree that fell during the recent Hurricane Sandy. As I looked at the debris that was being pulled out I saw it. The blue bench that had been at my father’s home until he died four years ago here on Long Island. (I… Continue reading The Hurricane Bench and a Moment of Heartache

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Wearing Your Heart on Your Chest

The other day, I met the cutest 4-year-old girl name A. She was wearing a little topknot on her head, sundress, sandals and even little earrings and best of all a big wide smile that revealed two missing front teeth. Within 10 seconds I was completely and madly enchanted by this kid. A is missing… Continue reading Wearing Your Heart on Your Chest

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Bra-apalooza! Part II

My box o' bras arrived yesterday and when I opened it I was overwhelmed by how many were in there- 20 in total. So I took them out of the box and spread them on my dining room table until this morning. My husband's comment when he saw them was "Great! I can wear these on… Continue reading Bra-apalooza! Part II

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Bra-apalooza: Part 1

Excuse me?!  My "cup profile shape"? I had never heard this expression, and I could feel the fear rising in me as I am now being faced with yet another body part that needs a disclaimer. To make things worse, my choices of cup profile shape were many including the "shallow top cup" which is… Continue reading Bra-apalooza: Part 1