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New Year’s Eve: Prom Girl and Black Velvet Dress

Last May while I was dropping off decorative pillowcases at the dry cleaner I was struck by all the prom dresses that were hanging, cleaned and draped in plastic waiting to be picked up.  I wondered about the young girls, who they were, what they wore, what their night was like, was it everything they… Continue reading New Year’s Eve: Prom Girl and Black Velvet Dress

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Life is Too S​hort(s)

"It’s not you, it’s me. We’ve tried to get this to work for years, but it’s just not happening. We get close, we try, but in the end, one of us (me) is frustrated and angry. You need to go live your life, find someone who will appreciate you and love you. Someone who will… Continue reading Life is Too S​hort(s)

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Black Sequin Dress

I just finished cleaning my closet, and I have a black sequin dress on the brain. It sits on the top shelf of my closet. She only wore it once, and I’ve never worn it, but I can’t part with it. The black sequin dress is a full length, sleeveless sheath dress with thin straps.… Continue reading Black Sequin Dress

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So You Want to Be a Daytime TV Guest

 (First posted 4/2102 see update at the end) Tim Gunn Helped Me Not Fear My Rear His lips moved, I know he was speaking, but I heard almost nothing. After he said something about how lovely I looked in my dress, I was on cloud nine. He was talking to me, looking at me and… Continue reading So You Want to Be a Daytime TV Guest

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Bra-apalooza! Part II

My box o' bras arrived yesterday and when I opened it I was overwhelmed by how many were in there- 20 in total. So I took them out of the box and spread them on my dining room table until this morning. My husband's comment when he saw them was "Great! I can wear these on… Continue reading Bra-apalooza! Part II

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Bra-apalooza: Part 1

Excuse me?!  My "cup profile shape"? I had never heard this expression, and I could feel the fear rising in me as I am now being faced with yet another body part that needs a disclaimer. To make things worse, my choices of cup profile shape were many including the "shallow top cup" which is… Continue reading Bra-apalooza: Part 1