Fashion & Beauty

Life is Too S​hort(s)

shorts“It’s not you, it’s me. We’ve tried to get this to work for years, but it’s just not happening. We get close, we try, but in the end, one of us (me) is frustrated and angry. You need to go live your life, find someone who will appreciate you and love you. Someone who will not be embarrassed to go out together, you deserve better. For the last 20 years, we’ve done this dance, but I am telling you, it’s over for good. I’m moving on. I found a better fit, and I think we can really be happy together. Look, I’ll even help hook you up with the right person, and I have some ideas about that.

That was a real conversation between me and the pile of shorts you see above.  I’m just not a shorts girl, a skort maybe but shorts just are not flattering on me. I’ve tried all lengths, styles, patterns and I am not feelin’ it. I feel it for a like a minute then I go outside and spend the whole day tugging and pulling at them. I am a girl who loves a skirt and a dress and have found options that are sporty.,, and all have great options.

Sometimes in life, you have to accept that no matter how much you want something to work ( a relationship, a job or even a pair of shorts) life is too short to try to make something work that is just not right for you.  Peace out my shorties.




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