BedBathBeyond…Way Beyond

Here we are a few days before Thanksgiving 2016. Last night I had very vivid dreams of preparing to deliver the eulogy for my father. My dad died 8 years ago. He’s always on my mind but most recently a friend, Lisa  has been struck with the same cancer that killed my father.  My tie to Lisa is through a mutual friend and also through my father.  After my mom died we were looking for a personal assistant to help my dad, then a busy executive who was crushed from the sudden and tragic death of my mother. He hired Lisa to help him, and they formed a lovely friendship and mutual admiration. And I, in turn, got to know  Lisa About a year ago L moved across the country to Seattle in search of better job prospects and a new life. Six months into her new adventure she was diagnosed with stage4 lunch cancer.

I have been sending cards, small gifts and texts to Lisa and last night our mutual friend gave me an update on her progress. I went to sleep with L on my mind, and I think by connection, my father. So a dream about him is not unusual. But the email in my inbox this morning was an email from Bed Bath and Beyond with the subject line targeting my father.


First I have to say I was struck by what a good coupon it was. How come I’ve never gotten that offer? Even in death, my father has more purchasing clout than I do. And it came through at 6:22am.

Let me say that over the years my belief system has been challenged, and today although I would love to find out that there is something beyond this life, I am not counting on it. Was it my father trying to communicate? It would be impressive that his spirit could find his way into the Bed Bath and Beyond database, manipulate it and send me that email this morning. Is it more likely that the giant retailer is hurting and mining old data that somehow cross-referenced my father and me. It is odd that I have never before received any email marketing communication addressed to my dad and today I did? Yes. And so I will spend the day calculating the statistical probability of this happening, because my belief system does include math.  But it does have me wondering if the “Beyond” in Bed Bath and Beyond has a hidden meaning. Happy Thanksgiving.



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