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Bra-apalooza! Part II

My box o’ bras arrived yesterday and when I opened it I was overwhelmed by how many were in there- 20 in total. So I took them out of the box and spread them on my dining room table until this morning. My husband’s comment when he saw them was “Great! I can wear these on my head!”. Silly.

My goal was to find a seamless t-shirt bra with the support, coverage, and style I was seeking. I just finished trying on all 20 bras. WOW! Laura, my consultant (I made that up sorry) really did an amazing job of listening to what I was looking for. I tried on bras I never would have tried on in the store and tried on more than I ever would have in store. I loved being a home and being able to try the bras under my own clothes.

I’m a 34DD so not the easiest fit in the world ( i know too much information, but it’s relevant to my story).   I believe the right bra makes you look 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter, and a bad bra will detract from even the most expensive clothing.

Here are the brands and styles I was sent and though I liked almost all of them the total amount of bras sent to me was $1214 (including sales tax). That’s a lot of nylon/lycra. I’m keeping the ones with the 🙂 symbol and am keeping the list with my notes for future reference. The prices for the bras are standard MSRP and range from $52 -$69

  • Freya AA4233 🙂
  • Fantasie FL2231
  • Chantelle 1241
  • Natori 131040
  • Natori132025
  • Panache3376
  • Chantelle 3612
  • Chantelle 3951
  • Panache 5320
  • Wacoal 843115
  • Wacoal 853118
  • Wacoal 853155 🙂
  • Wacoal 853191
  • Wacoal854119 🙂
  • Wacoal 85814
  • Le Mystere 955 🙂

What a great experience this has been. has made me a customer forever! Check them out and have your own Bra-Apalooza!




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