Excuse me?!  My “cup profile shape”? I had never heard this expression and I could feel the fear rising in me as I am now being faced with yet another body part that needs a disclaimer. To make things worse my choices of cup profile shape were many  including the “shallow top cup” which is code for old and saggy or the “wide set cup” ( see “shallow top cup” for definition).

This was just one in a series of questions the very patient Bra Selection Expert at http://www.freshpair.com asked me in order to help find bras to my liking. Their business is  an interesting concept – you have your phone consult then they select 10-20 bras they think will suit you. They run your cc number for the amount of all the bras but they don’t actually charge you. It’s  similar to what they do at hotel they run your card to make sure there’s enough limit to charge the entire amount. I will have 7 days to try them on in the privacy of my home, speak to my consultant and send back what I don’t want. Shipping is free both ways.

I’ve been wearing a great Wacoal style bra for a while but I need a smooth version for clothes that cling. I tried a Spanx bra which I really hated. Made the girls look wide, fat and older. For the record, I’m a HUGE Spanx lover for everything from the waist down. I even got up in front of a room of new colleagues, mostly men, and announced that Spanx changed my life. We had been asked what product changed our life/we couldn’t live without.  The men in the room looked at me blankly but I did let them know that there are Manx for them too. I would wear them on my head if it was socially acceptable.

But back to the bras. I dread going to the store and trying them on. I have been to department stores and speciality stores with the same outcome. These days I don’t have the time or the humiliation bandwidth to endure a date with a handsy bra salesperson.

So I wait until Tuesday when by box o’ bras arrive. I’ll keep you posted.